Multi-Touch System for Display Wall Control and Room Automation

Manage the Control Room, the Boardroom, the Conference Room and Everything in Them

TouchCommand™ takes display wall control and room automation to an entirely new level. TouchCommand unites all aspects of complex control room management on a single screen. Its object-oriented, touch-enabled interface puts all of the most used features right at the user’s fingertips.

Manage video walls from the desk or on the move—TouchCommand runs on PCs and tablets. With a live mimic of the display wall and its sources, what you see on the TouchCommand interface is what you get on the display wall. Drag and drop sources onto the video wall, drag to move them, and pinch to resize them. Manage audio, operate projectors and displays, control lighting and other room resources with ease. Authorized users can even control remote video walls and room environments anywhere in the building or across campus.

What TouchCommand adds is the ultimate in control and ease of use. With familiar multi-touch gestures, anyone can operate the system. Users can focus on the job at hand, not on the technology.

TouchCommand Is Built for the Enterprise

TouchCommand is built on a distributed network architecture. Its features extend throughout the facility, unlimited by location or distance.

TouchCommand enables rapid access to critical information when and where it’s needed. The system’s powerful search engine makes finding sources easy. No need to hunt through dozens of thumbnails to find a source—just type in a keyword. Situational assessment, decision making, and response are improved by seeing and sharing the big picture as events occur.

Security is paramount in order to safeguard restricted information. Access to TouchCommand is subject to user authentication requiring a valid user name and password. Permissions to access individual display walls, sources, and features are defined by the administrator and managed by the TouchCommand Server.

Designed for PixelNet®

TouchCommand supports Jupiter Systems’ line of  PixelNet® Distributed Display Wall System and is an ideal solution for any enterprise with one or more control rooms or AV-enabled boardrooms or conference rooms.

TouchCommand is the real-time display wall control and room automation solution for manufacturing, finance, government, military, public safety, emergency operations, public utilities, traffic and transportation, health care, education, oil and gas, telecommunications, and almost any other enterprise.