• Law enforcement
  • Airports, railways, public transportation
  • Public settings and events
  • Corporate environment
  • Utilities and infrastructure

An effective surveillance center is designed to provide a real time, collaborative work environment for monitoring, response, dispatch, coordination, process management, recording and escalation--from incident detection to resolution.

Jupiter’s high performance display wall processors offer a full array of features including dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth zooming within images, custom borders and titles, programmable presets, and backgrounds. They are used in government and commercial security centers around the world to provide the common operating picture so important to decision making. To develop situational awareness, you need to be able to see everything available—video, data, images, maps, and more—and that’s what Jupiter delivers.

Jupiter products support a broad range of security solutions, from legacy standard definition cameras to the latest high definition systems and video analytics.

Jupiter security products are sold throughout the world via a network of authorized value-added resellers.


Jupiter in Public and Private Security


Dallas Police Department Fusion Center Law Enforcement USA photo      
Federal Police Intelligence Center, SSP Law Enforcement Mexico photo      
Kangwon Land Casino Gaming Security Korea photo      
Los Angeles Police Dept. RACR Center Law Enforcement USA article photo photo video
Munich Airport Airport Security Germany        
Beijing Airport Airport Security China photo      
Ontario Airport Police, California Airport Security USA        
Port Authority of NY/NJ Security USA        
Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Law Enforcement China photo      
Juarez Police Intelligence Center Law Enforcement Mexico