Emergency Operations Centers

  • Crisis management
  • Multi-agency coordination
  • Disaster simulations and training

In the wake of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, national, state, and local agencies have created new structures and processes for coordinating responses across multiple agencies and diverse disciplines to save lives and protect property. Delivering video, images, and other data from the field to Emergency Operations Centers in a way that allow collaboration and the development of a common operating picture is essential. That’s where Jupiter comes in.

Employed by federal, state, and local agencies across the US and around the world, Jupiter products are at the heart of the most effective emergency operations centers, giving users the power and flexibility they need to assess and respond to rapidly evolving crises. Customers include the Los Angeles Police Department Emergency Operations Center, the Ottawa Emergency Management Center, and the Beijing Olympics Security Command Centre.

Jupiter Systems is the leading worldwide supplier of display wall processors for command and control applications. Jupiter’s best-of-breed products are designed for continuous, 24x7 operation and are used in network operation centers, electric power generation and distribution control rooms, boardrooms, intelligent traffic control rooms, 911 dispatch centers, financial management control centers, surveillance and security centers, and fixed and mobile military operations control centers in thousands of installations around the world.


Jupiter in Emergency Operations and Crisis Management


Air National Guard TOC USA        
ACS Control Systems USA        
CECAT (Barcelona) Emergency Call Center Spain photo      
City of Glendale, AZ Fire Department USA        
Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agency FEMA USA        
Los Angeles Police Department RACR EOC USA article photo photo video
Los Angeles Fire Department Operations Control Dispatch Center EOC USA article      
Mexico City C4 Emergency Operations Center EOC Mexico video article    
New South Wales Rural Fire Service EOC Australia article photos    
Ottawa Central Ambulance Command Centre Ambulance Dispatch Canada article article    
Ottawa Emergency Operations Centre EOC Canada photo