Traffic & Transportation

  • Street and highway traffic management
  • Rail and subway system management
  • Airport operations and security

To dispatch emergency response vehicles, anticipate traffic delays and manage alternate traffic routes more quickly and efficiently, agencies around the world use Jupiter technology to present real-time information from cameras, highway sensors, vehicle GPS systems and other elements of the intelligent transportation system to system operators.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is a perfect example. With its recently installed multipurpose video wall powered by Jupiter Systems, the agency is able to respond to changing traffic and environmental conditions quickly and effectively. The WSDOT now has the ability to review a full array of information, pulled from multiple sources, in one centralized location. This includes remote video cameras, aerial photos, flow maps of traffic and sensor data.

Other Jupiter customers include the transit authorities of Boston, Denver, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Beijing, as well as those of Chungbuk, Incheon and Bucheon in Korea.

Jupiter also plays a key role in air travel around the world. Airports on every continent rely on Jupiter technology to monitor and manage everything form ground operations to airport security - among them Madrid, Munich, Tokyo, and Beijing.

Railway and subway operators from Spain to Australia utilize Jupiter systems to manage operations and security, too.


Jupiter in Traffic & Transportation


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