Jupiter Systems Technical Training

Training is held at our Hayward, CA facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We require that you request training using our Training Request Form.  We can accommodate up to 8 people at a time in our new Training Center, with 6 people being an optimal class session.  Each session will be scheduled as first-come first-served basis and the session will be closed when full.

There are several things that we need to know:

  1. How many people are you scheduling for training?  
  2. List of names and contact info.  
  3. What kind of training you require, and how we can best serve your training needs.  When would you like to schedule the training session?  (subject to availability).

Training is handled by our Technical Support Department. Training sessions consist of the following:

The course includes hands on experience, applying what you have learned, building and operating an installation.

    PixelNet Training (One Day)

            The Morning Session is focused on hardware: 

    • Hardware  
    • Node Types 
    • System Configuration  
    • Hardware Installation  
    • Node Replacement  

           The Afternoon Session is focused on Software:

    • System Overview  
    • Operation  
    • Installations   
    • Software Installation - you will do one on your own work station and laptop.   


    Fusion Catalyst Training (Two Days)

            Day One is focused on hardware:

    • Hardware 
    • System Concepts
    • System Configuration
    • Hardware Installation
    • Module Replacement

             Day Two is focused on software:

    • System Overview  
    • Operation  
    • Installations 
    • VirtualScreen  
    • Software Installation - you will do one on your own work station and laptop.  
    • ControlPoint  
    • RemoteCursor 
    • Canvas for FC4000


Training is based on two sessions, a) one day for PixelNet on Tuesday and, b) two days for Fusion Catalyst/ControlPoint on Wednesday-Thursday.  Training sessions start promptly at 8:00 AM and run to about 3:00PM.  Dress is comfortable and no ties are required.  A lunch break will be taken around noon.  Lunch will be provided on-site as part of the training session.  

Please bring your laptop, as it may be required as part of your training.  If you are not allowed to install software on your laptop please let us know so we can provide one for your use.

Training is geared toward a hands-on approach.  You will install PDC on your laptop during PixelNet training and install ControlPoint client for the ControlPoint session.  After installation of the software, you will configure the system and use your laptop to control the system. 


All training materials are provided.  Each trainee receives a  System Manual and is encouraged to make notes in these manuals as needed.  Training is conducted in a private room with a complete Wall Controller System and display wall.  Systems are available for viewing and examination.  Due to similarities and availability of hardware, all models may not be represented.

You will receive a copy of the latest release of PDC and/or ControlPoint on CD from which you will use to install the ControlPoint client software  and/or PDC on your laptop.  You may also be required to view the online manual electronically.


Jupiter Partners are expected to attend training as a condition of dealership. Consultants are also invited to take training.

Transportation and lodging are the responsibility of the attendee or his/her employer.


A map to Jupiter Systems from the three bay area International Airports can be found on our web site (see Contact Us page - Directions to Jupiter in the right side panel).   The map also includes directions to the closest hotel.  


Lodging and transportation are the responsibility of the individual trainees and/or their companies.

Please see our Lodging and Transportation page for detailed information on lodging and transportation.


Scheduling is started by your submission of the Request for Training Form. 

Jupiter will endeavor to honor all requests in a timely manner, but due to the intensity of preparation for training, we require the following:  Scheduled requests must be made at least 2 weeks (10 working days) in advance of the requested session date.  You will receive a request for confirmation message.  This confirmation message must be returned in order to complete your session scheduling.   

All cancellations must be made at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled training date.  Schedule changes must be by cancelation and submittal of a new request form for the date desired.  Changes must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the originally scheduled date.  Cancellations less than five days may incur a cancellation charge.

Due to the high number of requests for training sessions at Jupiter Systems, it is advised that training requests be made as early as possible to insure scheduling and confirmation of your requested dates.  Your session can NOT be confirmed for your requested session until Jupiter receives a confirmation e-mail from you (i.e. receives a reply to the request for confirmation message).  It is most important that you get this confirmation back to us as soon a possible.  In all cases, scheduling will be done on a first-come first-served basis.


Jupiter Systems Training is offered during the third business week of each month on the following schedule for 2014:


  • January 14-15-16
  • February 18-19-20
  • March 18-19-20
  • April 15-16-17
  • May 13-14-15
  • June 17-18-19
  • July 15-16-17
  • August 12-13-14
  • September 16-17-18
  • October 14-15-16
  • November 18-19-20
  • December 16-17-18